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Yunqi Li, cloudqi@sourceforge.net
Meng Li, limeng@cernet.edu.cn

Network Management Group,
Network Research Center of Tsinghua University,
Beijing 100084, China

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Last Update: 2007-3-22

A brief introduction of Flapmap

FlapMap a light-weighted web-based topology visualization Tool. We hope to make it a more user-friendly and flexible visualization tool than previous works.It is developed at Network Managment Group in network research center of Tsinghua Univ, P.R China

Key Features
  • Using Flash to show the topo map and try to make it more user friendly than Java Applet and ActiveX.
  • Seperate the presentation layer and logic layer,the date is retrieved by database.
    So it can be integrated with differnet underlying network management systems as long as it provides the basic data flap map requires.
  • Flexible configuration, the system can automatically present layer style or circly style layour, or the users can drag and stick the network element to different position as they want.Also, you can change almost anything, (the backgroud pic, the network icon) to satisfy your special needs.
  • Not just a map, we try to make it a single user interface of the whole network management system,
    for instance, the color of the link can be changed and link and icon can be clicked to link to other URL
    to show your other parts of the web-based NMS.(Which is not provided because this is independent of Flapmap)

    To see more infomation, pls refer to the pdf doc on /doc directory.
    (Some of them are in chinese).

Download and Other infomation

Please visit: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/flapmap